A clip of Nimra’s informal interview has taken social media by storm and people are absolutely loving her.

Amidst the melancholy of the coronavirus outbreak, Pakistanis have desperately been craving for a beam of light that would distract (if not rescue) them from the sorrows and miseries of daily life. Surprisingly enough, a random Pakistani girl Nimra Ali has emerged out of nowhere to serve the purpose.

Nimra – A Ray Of Sunshine! 

Nimra recently visited a park where she was randomly interviewed by City 42 – a Lahore based news channel. “I am so happy! Too happy … too happy!” the Lahori girl enthusiastically expressed how it was a ‘dream come true’ moment for her. Well, the sparkle in her eyes was enough to explain how eager she was to come on screen at least once in her life.

Nimra Goes Viral on Social Media Platforms

A clip of Nimra’s informal interview has taken social media by storm. Our happy go lucky Nimra is trending on Twitter, and Pakistanis cannot stop adoring her excitement and confidence.

Have a look at the video yourself:

Some people are appreciating how thrilled and joyful Nimra is, while others are sending lots of love-coated prayers for her.

Envying how happy she looks, some social media users even wish to be as contented as Nimra appears to be in her interview.

Netizens have also taken this opportunity to call out Iffat Omar and Nida Yasir! And Chants of ‘Be Like Nimra’ are surfacing various social media platforms, especially Twitter.

Nimra’s cheerfulness and exuberance have brought smiles to several faces all across Pakistan. Her charming smile and chatty yet affectionate personality have won the hearts of many netizens, and they have unapologetically expressed their admiration on Twitter. Have a look at it yourself:

Will Nimra Be Yet Another Victim Of Social Media Bullying?

Nimra is getting a lot of ‘positive’ attention from all across Pakistan. She is not only being adored but also envied by the masses. However, being bullied on social media is not uncommon in incidences like these. Many people, including the famous Aunty Gormint, have been a victim of social media bullying previously, and people have crossed their limits, humiliating them unstoppably and made their lives miserable. We hope that she only attracts positive attention and breaks the chain.

We are sending lots of love and prayers for our bubbly Nimra! We sincerely hope that nothing dims her light!

Do you love Nimra’s enthusiasm and jubilant nature as much as we do? Will Nimra be yet another victim of social media bullying? What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below!

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