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As a Pakistani girl, you would agree that it is quite easy for you to get harassed. Hence, you have to be extra careful when out in the public. While this shouldn’t be the case but we are a society where victim-blaming is rampant. Hence, girls are careful, and yet, they still get harassed.

One such incident happened two days ago in Lahore. A woman who was not even alone hut with her toddler had to go through a traumatic incident. However, instead of hushing it down, she took it to social media in an attempt of exposing her stalker/harasser.

Harassing incident – Packages Mall

According to the tweet, the incident happened in Packages Mall on 14th June. A man started following him from the mall to the parking outside. He kept asking for her number and telling her to sit in his car. She quickly made her way to her own car. There, she put her toddler on the seat, placed the shopping bags in the car, and drank some water. Recovering from the shock, she started making the video of the man, who quickly started hiding his face. At first, he tried doing so with his hand, and then put the window shades up.

Twitterati responds to the Pakistani girl

The tweet went viral with 2.5k retweets, 5.2k likes, and more than 600 comments. Within a day, people started commenting in her support. Especially since our society teaches us to be scared, this was a brave moment. Instead of hiding in her car scared about how the man could react, she first took her child to safety and then started making a video.

And if not that, they were found sharing their own experience regarding harassment. The Twitter user said that she had come across a harasser on the streets. She started taking pictures upon which he quickly ran off.

Whoever you are sir(s), first of all, shame on you, and not because ghar pe maa behen nahi but because of lacking basic humanity. It is because of these incidents, girls feel scared about existing in the public sphere. Secondly, hopefully, your entire social circle will recognize your car because the license plate number is very clear in the video.


So, my dear citizens of Lahore, be on the lookout for this car. And if you find it amongst your acquaintance, if nothing else, make sure to give them a judgemental look and then shut them out of your lives.

Officials respond

IG Punjab, Inam Ghani also came across the viral tweet. He responded with words of reassurance.

He said:

“I will ensure that prompt action is taken. It is our responsibility to protect our sisters and we will continue being vigilant for their security at all times.”

Hopefully, the harasser will be made an example of. As a result, potential harassers will think twice before committing such actions.

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