Pakistani Genius Abdul Basit is the latest to hold a Guinness World Record for setting the fastest time in the world to identify all the elements in the periodic table.

The Guinness World Records Certificate Awarded to Abdul Basit Siddiqi

Sidiqi was successful in setting the fastest time for correctly identifying all the elements in the periodic table within 3 minutes 9.29 seconds on the 19th of December, 2016. 

The Record holder with his prized possession!

Who is Abdul Basit Siddiqi?

Abdul Basit had always been fond of figures and calculations since childhood and loved solving numericals in his mind. The mental-genius holds a MBA(MIS) degree from the Institute of Business Administration and a BA degree from Ziauddin University, Multan.

He moved to Dubai in 2004 and has since then begun teaching mental calculations and memory training to students. Siddiqi chose to try out for the Guinness World record to ‘inspire his students’.

The Genius and His Journey

Basit got in touch with the world record keepers, Guinness to apply for the world record on the identification of the periodic table elements. The process takes 12 weeks after which the company lets the applicant know whether they have been accepted. After being accepted a judge can be flown in by the applicant or simply send the company a video and photographic evidence. He chose to send video evidence in order to qualify for the record.

Here’s Abdul Basit’s Video for the Guinness World Records!

Pakistan is a country that is certainly full of talent in every aspect of life! What did you think of this feat by Abdul Basit Siddiqi? Let us know in the comments below.

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