Karachi – May 13, 2022: Built on the vision of creating food that enriches the lives of people everywhere, National Foods has been working to provide mouth-watering, scrumptious products to millions of people around the world for over 50 years. 

National Foods is a household name in Pakistan that provides a variety of food options consisting of Recipe Mixes, Salts, Ketchups, Pickles, Snacks, Desserts, Jams, Jellies, and Seasonings that are loved by consumers across all continents. With its rich heritage, National Foods represents the culinary traditions of Pakistan that have been passed down generation after generation. 

The essence of National Foods revolves around inspiring possibilities and providing consumers the freedom to express themselves through food and from the comfort of their homes. From our international consumers, one avenue through which inspiring possibilities manifests is exploring what is possible through fusion – a flavorful mixture of the eastern food profiles amalgamated with western dishes to create a diverse palette. Keeping this concept in mind, National Foods has enabled consumers to create fusion recipes, bringing them the best of both worlds. This was the intent that drove their most extensive digital program – National Ka Pakistan Made Easy (NKPME). This multi-structure digital platform built on food, culture & experiences helps people to do more with every-day items in their pantry by bringing together different cuisines from across the globe whilst adding an eastern flavor twist.

Accessible at www.instagram.com/nationalfoodsglobal, it is the go-to place for food enthusiasts, giving them an outlet to be creative and to inspire possibilities. National Foods understands that people experience cultures through food. With the ongoing shift towards openness to try new and authentic experiences, the food buffs seek new ways to satisfy their cravings while feeding their experimental side.  

Speaking about NKPME, Senior Brand Manager Mr. Mustafa Nadeem said, “On this journey of creating flavor and culinary blend, we are reaching out from our own platform and influencer audiences to show people how to create delectable recipes and wide exposure to global cuisines relevant to each market”. The expansive set of markets covered includes USA, UK, Canada and the UAE. 

Through this platform, National Foods speaks to the immersive, novelty-seeking people. From delectable Cottage Pie to Scotch Kofta Eggs, Tandoori Fried Chicken Sandwich to Pickle-spiced Aubergine Curry, NKPME has everyone covered. Moreover, on a weekly basis, live master class sessions are also conducted where our experts engage the audiences through discussions and demonstrations based on different food and kitchen topics.

The Former CEO for NF DMCC – The International Division for National Foods, Mr. Zahid Majeed, said “Pakistan’s geography and history embraces a huge diversity of cultural influences as the gateway to the subcontinent as a neighbor to Iran and China. The food tradition of Pakistan reflects these influences from spicy Biryani (a localized variant of Persian origin) to the great Pakistani BBQ (introduced by the Moghuls) to the vegetarian delicacies of the Indus Valley Civilization. We would like to celebrate this tradition by further blending these flavors and adapting them to the cooking and eating habits of the new multi-cultural generation both in Pakistan and abroad through NKPME.”

National Foods has presence in 5 continents across 40 countries worldwide, elevating lifestyles from local to global audiences, thus making it internationally national.