HumTV has come up with yet another hit drama! Though everyone can’t wait for the next episode, hundreds have gathered to complain about the series. The new Pakistani drama, Jafaa, streams every Friday at 8. The show is an interesting tail about love. It’s based on two cousins who face severe complications in the course of their marriage, as does every couple in a Pakistani drama.

Netizens are now complaining about the unsettling romanticization of college relationships in the drama. It is encouraging the wrong message to students all across the country. The cast includes prominent actors such as Mawra Hussain, Usman Mukhtar, Sehar Khan, Mohib Mirza, Nadia Afgan, and Nauman Masood.

Pakistani Drama Jafaa Raises Concerns About Students

As always, the viewers have shared their two thoughts.

pakistani drama jafaa comments

It is evident that netizens aren’t big fans of the storyline, and acting. Netizens agree that the wrong message is being shown to college kids in this Pakistani drama. Other than that, the acting is being pointed out as cringe and unwarranted.

The problem lies in the fact that this show portrays an idealized version of college life where love and romance take center stage. The lead characters often prioritize their romantic interests over their studies. This leads to a glamorous portrayal of college romances. While this might make for entertaining television, it can send the wrong message to impressionable students who may believe that romance is the most important aspect of their college experience, when it’s not.

In reality, college is a critical time for personal and academic growth. Students should be focusing on their education and building a foundation for their future careers. Romanticizing relationships in such a dramatic manner can create unrealistic expectations and distract students from their academic goals. Moreover, they halter the students’ growth as an individual. A relationship this early on alters their way of thinking.

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