PDA In Flight
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Two days ago, a man took to social media his encounter with PDA in flight when he was traveling in the early morning. He said that he was traveling with his family so seeing this PDA made him uncomfortable. Hoping to get out of discomfort, he asked the staff for help. The air hostess on duty got the Pakistani couple a blanket.

PDA In Flight

The news went viral, people made fun of it but someone raised a very important point. Understandably, given our culture people spoke against PDA. But would they do the same had they seen someone harassing a woman?

Moreover, these same people would not speak up but instead avert their eyes were they to witness a man hitting his wife. The explanation they would give would be ‘it is their personal matter’.

Is that what we want to teach our future generation? That when a woman gives consent to being loved, it should raise eyes but if she is treated like property, we shall not speak up about it?

Memes Go Viral

What we Pakistanis do intelligently is tackling a major issue through memes. It lightens the situation and people are more willing to engage in debates. In this matter as well, Pakistanis were ready with their memes.

And man, has this tweet hit right on the target? Sunil Shetty’s expression is too similar to the person who was criticizing PDA.


Considering the trending series and movies on Netflix are all about intimate scenes, this meme shows how popular Airblue would be right now.

The best one yet is the PEMRA tweet. Seeing as to how PEMRA shuts down dramas where PDA is even hinted, Pakistanis were suggesting how the air hostess should be the one heading the organization now.

Long story short, Twitter was full of people pro and against the couple doing PDA in flight.

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