In lieu of recent events, after the Pak vs. IND match the Pakistan cricket team has left their fans disappointed and shocked. However, just recently, a Pakistani influencer reshared a two year old video of his on the vast difference in ads that are aired in India and Pakistan during the World Cup matches which has left everyone in shock. Watching cricket is a beloved pastime in both countries, but if you notice, the ads played in between are vastly different.

Here is a link to the video:

Ads in India

India’s ads reflect an interest in technology and self-improvement, it seems as though India acknowledges the future is tech. Most advertisements seen in India between the Cup are of apps that offer investment opportunities, and financial advice. Even those that help develop skills. This trend suggests that Indian consumers are increasingly tech-savvy and looking for ways to improve their skills and financial standing. The focus on educational and financial apps highlights a market that is forward-thinking. It also indicates a younger, more dynamic audience that values growth and is improving based on what the future will look like.

Pakistani Market

Comparatively, the advertisements in Pakistan are completely different. The ads streamed for us during the Cup feature shampoo brands, soap, and cooking oil. Pakistani ads are centered around everyday household products, indicating a market that prioritizes essential goods. This also proves that the Pakistani market is more interested in essential goods rather than luxury or self-improvement. And this interest shows a different economic landscape.

Conclusively, the types of ads played during the T20 World Cup in India and Pakistan provide a window into the different consumer landscapes of each country. India’s focus on tech growth contrasts with Pakistan’s emphasis on household items, highlighting different economic priorities and consumer behaviors. This ad gap not only reflects the current market trends but also shows how consumers in each country see themselves.

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Mahnoor Rashid
Mahnoor Rashid is a student with a love for writing. She is an eccentric artist, fond of Muslim architecture. Currently, as a freelance writer, she explores the latest news and the depths of Pakistan's history and culture, while drawn to marketing's intriguing nuances. When not writing, Mahnoor is found adoring animals.