Pakistan’s Famous Comedian Amanullah, Passes Away At The Age Of 70

Source: Dialogue Pakistan

The king of comedy, Amanullah passed away at the age of 70 in Lahore after battling his diseases. Amanullah had spent more than 15 days in the hospital a few months and was later admitted to the hospital due to pneumonia back in January.

The legendary comedian had been suffering from kidney and respiratory diseases and was undergoing treatment at Bahria Hospital, Lahore. Moreover, Amanullah is a name known to many was know as the ultimate king of stand-up comedy. And well, he would always be remembered as one.

He was an inspiration to many and indeed, he brightened everyone’s mood. In fact, he was capable of doing much more as he had influenced many actors with his incredible talent and wit.

His fans and followers on Twitter are heartbroken by his passing away

Amanullah also keeps a world record of 860-day-night theatre plays. That is actually a huge number. He was a humble being and people looked up to him. The legendary soul will forever be remembered deep in our hearts.

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