New outfits, bangals, and henna are just some of the integral parts of Eid shopping. The crowded markets, and endless banter with tailors, are what make this festivity so much more exciting. However, this year’s eid prices, designs, and quality have bummed everyone out. Here’s every reason why:

1. Pathetic Quality

Unfortunately, this year the prettier the clothes were, the worse their quality turned out to be. With every brand focused on mass production, it seems they all forgot to make sure all the buttons were on the shirts.

2. Sky-rocketing prices

This one took everyone by surprise. Price tags that began, that’s right! Beginning at 25,000 was a no for most of us. With inflation at an all-time high and salaries at their lowest, it was quite surprising to see even the most simple brands post such prices. What was even worse? Most stores were selling basics with these price tags.

3. Clothing items being sold separately

Buying a complete suit is just a nostalgic memory now because almost every store has begun to sell all of it separately. You’ll find a shirt you like in your size, but good luck trying to find pants in your size too. What makes this even more ridiculous is how most of those items only go well with each other. But in search for an excuse to sell both things at full prices, they’ve just started selling them separately, even the dupatta doesn’t come with.

This brings us to our next issue, why is every dupatta made from organza? Was there a sale on this material we didn’t know about? It seems every brand just bought a bit too much of it and was getting rid of it via dupattas.

4. Unimpressive and Repeated Designs

This one bothered me the most. It’s one thing to sell them at unreasonably expensive prices, it’s another to sell them separately, but to not have designs that justify the prices makes no sense. Most brands copied each other, and if you didn’t catch onto that, it was probably because you were comparing a recent purchase with an old one. Why? because conveniently, most stores changed their patterns up a bit and began to sell them once again.

5. See-through Clothes

Just to make this heat a thousand times worse, most stores make their clothes in such a way that you can’t even entertain the possibility of wearing them without a tank top below. With scorching heat above our heads, and makeup melting, who wants to wear two layers?

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