Between protesting against sexual harassment, rallying against religious freedom and fighting against terrorism, transgenders in Pakistan are truly battling for their lives.

Their rights have forever been compromised and hence, they are always subjected to discrimination in the society. They are even slaughtered in the name of their gender and the continue to face violence every passing day.

However, it is about time we realize that we, as a nation, need to show that we respect and acknowledge their identity.

Realizing this, various Pakistani stars are showing solidarity and support to the trans community. Joining hands with Asia Pacific Transgender Network’s campaign, they have all come together to create a remarkable difference.

In a moving video message, OKB displayed his love and affection towards transgender in the nation in a truly heartwarming way!

I grew up in a society where the very term ‘hijra’ was (and still is) used mockingly to question masculinity; where the transgender community was seen as freaks of nature: to be indulged for a quick, nasty laugh; paraded, perhaps at weddings for entertainment.. but never respected.. never seen as human.

He urged for a change, calling for a unified society with same rights and civil liberties for all.

It’s time we change ridicule into applause. It’s time we show the transgender community they are not children of a lesser God. Change your mindset.

OKB’s thought-provoking gestures deserves a standing ovation from the audience.

Juggan Kazim too joined him in promoting the revolutionary idea!

Following her, were Ayesha Omar and Ahmed Ali Butt to applaud the transgender community.

This initiative is a massive wake up call for all of us who fail to exhibit empathy and love towards those who are most worthy of it!

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