Asim Azhar had come a long way in the past few years. He has been a star since childhood.

Did you know he is the voice behind some of your most favorite jingles including Cocomo Mujhe Bhi Doh and Cadbury’s Kitna Maaza Aye Re Duniya Dairy Milk Ki Ban Jaye.

The crooner’s Jo Tu Na Mila featuring Iqra Aziz also became an instant hit, and Pakistanis applauded his work. However, it’s unfortunate we can’t say the same for this for his upcoming ‘Tum Tum’ featuring TikTok star Areeka (Areeqa), Shamoon Ismail, Raamis, Talha Anjum and others.

The young talent, Areeka Haq, became social media’s pinata after images from the upcoming video started to circulate.

However, Pakistani celebrities were quick to address that bullying someone is not okay and that mental health is very fragile, given the uncertain time and conditions we are in. Instead of making fun of the other person, supporting them will make a huge difference in their life.

Pakistani Celebrities Speak Out for Areeka Haq

Asim Azhar himself called out social media for the hypocrisy.

“Kamaal hai waise pehle depression aur mental health pe lectures dete hain aur kuch din baad khud kisi ko depression ka shikaar bana dete hain apni bullying aur nafrat se (It’s funny how they first give lectures on depression and mental health, and after a few days they make others a target of depression through hate and bullying ),” the singer tweeted.

Even Saba Qamar, who has recently done an entire vlog on mental health, took it to social media to talk about mental health.

She wrote:

Sometimes i fail to understand why there is so much haTe in Our society. Shy can’t we replace this ‘hate’ with ‘love’. Lets all learn from this crucial time and be kind to each oTHER because we’ve no idea what the other person Os going through! Please learn to reSpect.

She continued:

@AsimAzhar, I’m eagerly WAITING for your upcoming music video! I am also proud of this little beautiful girl @areeqa_haq and all the other young talented people, trust me guys, I am your biggest cheerleader, no matter what! Keep growing & shining. Lots of love!

Social Media Reactions to Areeka Haq

While our local celebrities have come out in favor of the young talent, many on social media have also raised their voice for the young talent, while others think otherwise.

Many went beyond comprehension and crossed their limits.

What is your stance on Areeka Haq’s bullying?

Share it with us in the comments below.


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