Rabi Pirzada might have been a popular face a few years back in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. However, her stardom now appears to be fading and the singer-turned-actress is vying hard to stay in the limelight.

Time and again, her controversial statements have sparked an uproar on social media. She has fearlessly exchanged barbs with stars like Armeena Rana Khan and Meera. And her Twitter rants seem to be never-ending.

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Yet again, she has made it to the news and this time, the reason is the worst of all!

Apparently, the songstress tweeted a contentious post about sacrificing one’s life in the name of love. The picture shows Rabi lying in blood with her wrist slashed as if she has committed suicide.

If this was not enough, the star has also posed herself to be stabbed in the stomach, making us wonder what her social media stunt is really about!

Clearly, Rabi is up to no good!

The post has caught the attention of various celebrities who are now showing no mercy towards Rabi.

The supermodel turned actress Zainab Qayoom slammed the singer for glorifying suicide.

rabi pirzada

Aamir Liaquat’s wife, Tuba too joined the bandwagon and schooled Rabi like a boss! 

Twitterverse too is outraged at her careless post!

People are urging her to take down the tweet!

With depression cases on the rise, such messages should be highly avoided.

Following the backlash, Rabia responded that the picture is a not a suicide scene but that of a murder.

We wonder what was the need for tweeting such a sensitive image in the first place.

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