It takes tremendous courage for a victim to talk about sexual abuse.

Many feel embarrassed, judged and afraid to come forward and share their tales of torture. Some are even criticized and not taken seriously when they finally gather up the strength to do so.

With the barbaric rape and murder of the seven-year-old Zainab, a wave of outrage has erupted in the nation. Countrywide protests are demanding the criminal to be given the worst possible punishment.

 Since then, much has happened in Pakistan’s entertainment fraternity

Various starlets are now coming forward with their accounts of sexual harassment, realizing that its crucial to share their struggling stories to help other individuals that are coping with the same trauma.

The first Pakistani celebrity to break the silence was the veteran T.V actress, Nadia Jamil.

She boldly narrated her painful story of being a victim of sexual abuse when she was just 4 years old!

However, she enunciated the importance of reaching out to sexual assault survivors whose stories remain unheard! 

Following her example was the owner and C.E.O of Catwalk Productions, Frieha Altaf who also unfolded her soul-crushing torrent of harassment.

Famous designer, Maheen Khan too encouraged survivors to come up by revealing her own experience with sexual abuse

Various female luminaires couldn’t help lauding these icons for sharing their vulnerable accounts of harassment and assault.

Even male icons of the industry rose to show their support towards Frieha, Nadia, and Maheen!

It is important to understand that speaking out against sexual abuse is always scary.

It is indeed a proud moment that our gutsy Pakistani women are speaking up against sexual assault, stepping forward and sharing their own experience with it. With the power of social media, they are raising awareness to help eradicate the stigma, and give survivors a feeling that they too, can be heard!

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