The political controversy surrounding MNA, Ayesha Gulalai has taken the country by storm. While there are some who believe in her others are highly skeptical of her accusations of harassment by Imran Khan.

Constant bashing and threatening remarks to Gulalai have been circulating on social media. The female politician has been receiving threats amongst which some are highly insensitive and deadly.

Pakistani actress, Mahira Khan has been one to stand up to the haters, she believes the malicious campaign against the female politician is uncalled for. Khan took to Twitter to address the issue.

Mahira Khan Replies to Trolls on Twitter!

Mahira adds,

“In times like this, we see the mentality of people.”

Sanam Saeed Also Sends Out a Strong Message to Her Followers! 

However, another celebrity has bashed Gulalai for the accusations she has made on PTI Chairman. The star is none other than Veena Malik.

Malik also took to Twitter and expressed her solidarity towards Imran Khan.

Actor and political enthusiast, Hamza Ali Abbasi called the Ayesha Gulalai controversy a ‘shameful act’.

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