What could be better than celebrating your ‘Qubool Hai’ moment than immediately partying at your favorite eatery? That is exactly what this sassy Pakistani bride did on her wedding day, and now she has become the ultimate internet sensation.

Seems like Munawal Javed was having some serious craving for McDonald’s ice-cream on her Nikah day.

Hence, she dashed off to the fast food chain with her hubby and besties to party the night away!

Of course, all the pre-marriage stress, the wedding diet, and bridezilla episodes drain away one’s energy. By the end of the day, a scrumptious ice-cream can be the perfect pick-me-up to add zing to the celebratory mood.

But while Munawal came for just a cone of ice-cream, she could not resist scoffing down a burger and French fries!

Well, this dulhaniya might not be the typical Pakistani bride, but she does sound SUPER FUN!

The lady looked stunning in her white- silver lehenga and was bound to turn heads in the fast food joint! Though the McDonald’s staff appeared shocked, they did not shy away from congratulating the couple and took a candid shot to forever remember the memory.

It will not be wrong to say this bride ditching all the post-marriage ceremonies just to eat McDonald’s is our new hero.

Now we have some next level #WeddingGoals to look up to!