The Punjab Food Authority plays a major role in governing the standard of food being served and sold in the province famous for its flavorsome cuisines. The Punjab Food Minister Bilal Yaseen has been busy inspecting different restaurants, and vegetable fields in Faisalabad on Tuesday.

The premises of Wonder Bread was sealed by the team due to reasons of unhygienic conditions at the facility. The factory was investigated and it was then observed that food items were being prepared with various smelly and sub-standard ingredients. It was also discovered that the butter being used could in fact not be termed as ‘butter’.

The other issue that the PFA came across at Wonder Bread were the missing expiry and manufacturing dates on the cake labels. Taking all these problems into consideration the baking facility was sealed off.

The minister, Bilal Yaseen has warned the owners of the unhygienic standards and pathetic working conditions. He further mentions,

“Such carelessness in production of food items shall not be tolerated.”

The investigation team further confiscated Wonder Bread’s raw materials weighing 15,000 Kg and 1,353 packs of manufactured bread.

The minister has also inquired about the medical fitness certificates that were missing at the Wonder Bread factory. He further stressed about the importance of anti-pest arrangements that should be made in the production unit.

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