Brands Are Offering ‘Pakistan Day’ Sales But Customers Aren’t Happy!

Source: Brandysnario

Pakistan Day is upon us and the country’s brands are trying their best to entice customers with their sales and discount offers, with some offering a 23%off to others giving up to a 50% deduction. The brands have a cut-throat competition between their sales however, this time around people are not happy with all these offers!

Customers have called out Pakistani clothing brands on being ‘insensitive’ due to the world-wide pandemic caused by COVID-19.

1. Elan

Elan has a 23% off on account of 23rd March, Pakistan Day. Here’s what people have to say about it!

 2. Sapphire

People schooled Sapphire to donate money to the needy people during the lockdown in the province instead of making money through sales!

3. AlKaram Studio

4. Gul Ahmed


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