Sarees are timeless garments that exude grace regardless of the occasion. However, it’s not wise to prioritise fashion over function. If you know how to carry a saree with confidence and style, you’re always in vogue. It’s not just about donning a saree; it’s also about choosing the right fabric, draping it perfectly, and finding the ideal accessories. If you’re looking to master the art of saree styling, we’ve got you covered with these celebrities who did it effortlessly.

Syra Yousuf:

Syra Yusuf proves that you can merge femininity and edginess in a saree. If Syra Yusuf’s look is something that speaks to you, then we’re already sorted on that. Just invest in a high-quality fabric and a belt to rock that saree with and voilà! A winged liner over natural makeup will keep your look glam and chic.


Mahira Khan:

Who says saree has to be as challenging as walking on high heels? If the goal is look your most feminine self, here’s Mahira Khan’s look from her ‘mehendi lagae’ nuptial that just looks like a breeze even at a formal event. With embroidery as light as air, this saree couldn’t get more sophisticated. Make sure to keep jewellery and makeup minimal to let your sari take center stage.

Hareem Farooq:

Cotton sarees are very high maintenance given its tendency to wrinkle, but Hareem Farooq dared to try it and looked no less than a dream. On top of that, the brighest colour you can find in the market? While this may be overwhelming for many, the colour can work well with complexions that have a warm undertone. To avoid the wrinkle factor, search for wrinkle-resistant cotton sarees in the market.

Amna Ilyas:

Amna Ilyas’s saree with a bow on the shoulder is the epitome of couture elegance. If you want to bring your A-game to a special occasion, her style serves as the perfect inspiration. You can never go wrong with an earthy tone with subtle details.

Sana Javed:

For anyone wondering what would look great on cool undertones, emerald green is your safe bet. We love how Sana Javed also opted for a plain satin fabric and saved the embellishments for the blouse.


Amna Baber 

This saree Amna Baber wore to a wedding is the most graceful and elegant option we landed our eyes on. Jacquard is your safest bet if you don’t want to invest in velvet for the winter weddings ahead. Notice how Amna Baber got the margin to play around with jewels since she went easy on the colour of her saree. This is the most formal we’d risk getting.

If you’re looking to enhance your saree game, take cues from these stunning women and embrace the timeless beauty of this iconic garment.

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