While Karachiites left the stadium with amazing memories, however, they left leaving their trash and litter!

To think that after all these years, the game’s return will spark life back into Pakistan in an unimaginable way, yet, we continue to maintain the image of litterers.

This is what the stadium looked like during the Pakistan vs West Indies match on Sunday, 1st April:

This is National Stadium after the match!

Wastage of food and water is strictly condemned in many religions as there are millions who are deprived of clean water and a single grain, and here we are wasting our resources and edibles, not to forget polluting our homeland.

However, there are a few unsung heroes in this world who surely deserve to be recognized in the society for their undying love and dedication. One man was spotted at National Stadium cleaning up after others!

A huge round of applause for Ahmed Khan Abdali!

Pakistan needs more responsible citizens like Ahmed!

Respect your country, respect the game, dispose of your trash the proper way!

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