Pakistan and new currency with security
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Did you know that Canada’s currency is so appealing, a lot of people think the currency does not even feel real? Similarly, it is always fascinating to see a new currency note whenever Pakistan unveils one. When the colored Rs.20/- note came out, it garnered quite a lot of attention and is now the circulated one. Similarly, the two Rs.75/- notes that came out have become a collector’s item.

Speaking of currency, there has been new development on the money front of Pakistan. The State Bank of Pakistan, led by Governor Jameel Ahmed, announced a significant initiative to introduce new currency notes across all denominations. This decision aims to bolster security features and address the issue of counterfeit currency circulating within Pakistan. The issue of ‘black money’ is quite high in the country and this can be a good measure to counter it.

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Currency With Security Features

Governor Jameel Ahmed disclosed the plan during an informal discussion with journalists, highlighting the bank’s commitment to revamping the existing currency system. The new notes will integrate advanced international security measures to deter counterfeiting, with a design competition scheduled for February to determine their aesthetic appearance. Thus, not only are the notes going to give off an appealing feel, but they are also going to cater to security issues.

Expected to feature vibrant colors, unique serial numbers, intricate designs, and enhanced security features, the new currency notes signify a proactive approach by the central bank. It is certainly a major step towards the right direction since it can bring about a lot of change. Governor Jameel Ahmed also emphasized that the transition process will not resemble India’s sudden currency change, ensuring minimal disruption while addressing concerns about counterfeit notes circulating nationwide.

Notes and new design with security
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Printing Notes Everywhere

We hope that this new initiative brings about a change in the dynamics of the issues of money in the country. It also signifies that we could be seeing more development on this front in the near future.

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