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In a effort to ensure a seamless travel experience for passengers during the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr festivities, Pakistan Railways Chief Executive Officer Aamir Ali Baloch has announced the operation of four Eid special trains. This announcement comes as a fascility for travelers across the nation, providing them with convenient and comfortable transportation options during the celebratory period.

Baloch’s Address on Financial Stability

Addressing senior journalists at Railways Headquarters in Lahore, Baloch shed light on the financial robustness of the railway system, emphasizing its ability to cover expenses independently. He mentioned that Pakistan Railways relies solely on the government for pension disbursements to retired employees, showing a notable increase in revenue from Rs 5 billion to Rs 8 billion in recent months.

Pakistan Railways Announces Special Eid Trains

Baloch emphasized the pivotal role played by coal transportation in subsidizing nearly half of the railway’s operational expenses. He stressed the imperative of continued endeavors to optimize the efficiency of the railway network, acknowledging the contributions of former Railways Minister Khawaja Saad Rafique in revitalizing the railway infrastructure, including track restoration and the reintroduction of profitable train routes.

Challenges and Solutions

While acknowledging the efforts made in improving railway operations, Baloch candidly addressed the challenges confronting the railway system. He highlighted the burden of pension expenses and urged the government to assume responsibility for pension payments to alleviate financial strain. Additionally, he mentions the adverse effects of escalating gas and electricity prices on railway operations, necessitating proactive measures to mitigate their impact.

Looking towards the future, Baloch expressed optimism regarding the timely commencement of work on ML-1, a critical railway infrastructure project aimed at modernizing and expanding the network. He emphasized the necessity of introducing additional train services to cater to the growing demands of populations, particularly in smaller towns and rural areas.

Closing Remarks on Railway’s Commitment

Pakistan Railways set to roll out four special trains for Eid ul-Fitr 2024
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In his closing remarks, Baloch reiterated Pakistan Railways’ unwavering commitment to enhancing operational efficiency and ensuring financial sustainability. He reassured stakeholders of the railway’s dedication to implementing cost-saving measures and maximizing revenue streams, including initiatives such as the delegation of oil transportation to PSO and the implementation of system upgrades.

With these initiatives in motion, Pakistan Railways endeavors to not only meet the transportation needs of the population but also to serve as a mean of connectivity and economic development in the nation.

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