Indian Submarine

According to Geo News, Pakistan Navy detected an Indian submarine attempting to enter Pakistan’s water.

However, Pakistan successfully thwarted the attempts of the Indians to intrude into the Pakistani waters.

The sensationalist Indian media has also released a statement on the matter.

Indian channel Times Now has stated that India had intelligence that Pakistan is sending ships to destroy Indian Navy’s ships.

Consequently, India defended itself by sending a submarine into Pakistan’s waters.

Footage of the submarine surfaced on social media and is now going viral. The footage shows a submarine advancing in the water.

The footage is dated for 4th March 2019 and was captured at 20:35 hours (8:35 pm).

The Pakistan Navy is always ready to guard its territorial waters and is capable of responding to any kind of aggression with full force. This great achievement has been a proof of Pakistan Navy’s superior capabilities.

The Indian submarine was not targeted keeping in view Pakistan’s policy of peace. -Pakistan Navy spokesperson

Actual footage of submarine:

A former attempt by the Indian Navy to enter Pakistan’s waters was sabotaged by the Pakistan Navy in 2016.

An unsuspecting submarine was detected and localized south of Pakistani coast on November 16, 2016.

Despite its attempt to remain undetected, the submarine was being monitored by our naval officers and tracked by fleets. It was forced and pushed out of our nautical territory.

Note: This is a developing story.