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Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Ltd. initiated a first of its kind campaign, where the beauty of Pakistan and performance of Honda Br-V were explored.

It was a 14-day cross-country journey – Pakistan kay Rung BR-V kay Sung, from Karachi to Khunjerab in an aim to promote tourism and soft image of Pakistan, as well as to show how capable the Honda BR-V is to go on such adventures.

From enjoying at Karachi’s Sahil-e-samandar to tasting the Multani Sohan Halwa, Balochistan’s Namkin Gosht, Sajji and food from the famous Lahore Food Street, the caravan got a chance to enjoy the diverse culture and taste of Pakistan.

The renowned personalities like Mr Hanif Bhatti, Iqbal Ghangla, Taha Ansari, and Raheel Mansoor with eight other drivers took part in this 14-day adventurous campaign. Moreover, the famous YouTubers such as Taimoor Salahuddin aka Mooroo and the great Muhammad Ali also participated in this cross-country journey. They travelled through 20 different cities and other areas of Pakistan covering a distance of 4000 km and finally reached Khunjerab pass.

Beginning from the 28th of April 2018, the Opening Ceremony of the event was held in Ramada Plaza, Karachi with the arrival of guests. It was a star-studded ceremony with many automotive celebrities and enthusiasts being the part of it. At the ceremony, President Honda Mr Hironobu Yoshimura gave a speech and unveiled the campaign logo, which was followed by the formal introduction of the partners and groups. The official partners for the BR-V campaigns were Bank Alfalah, Tracking world, Kansai paints, and Idemitsu

Day 1 – Capturing the beauty of Karachi

On the first day, the caravan visited Mazaar-e-Quaid Karachi, from where they went to Frere Hall, Dockyard, Teen Talwar, Do Talwar, reaching Bilawal House, Karachi as the last spot. The first day of this journey was aimed at exploring different areas of Karachi a.k.a. The City of Lights. The caravan also visited places like Clifton beach, II Chundrigar road, and Dolmen Mall. Fans were also gathered in the city to welcome the BR-V caravan. The caravan team aside from exploring the city also tasted the traditional food of the city which is “Biryani”.

The caravan after exploring the magnanimous city stayed in there for the night. The day one of this fantastic 14-day cross-country journey concluded.

Day 2 – A day surrounded by mountains – Balochistan

The next day, the caravan left Karachi to explore the beauty of Balochistan. The team, at sharp 7:30 am, left for Balochistan. The caravan travelled alongside Makran Coastal Highway, and their first stop was Princess of Hope. A 740 years old art crafted by nature itself. Angelina Jolie gave the name of this iconic statue on her visit to Balochistan, Pakistan. The breathtaking view of Princess of Hope takes the observer into a whole different time and space.

After seeing the beautiful statue, the team left for Hingol National Park. The park comprises of 1,650 sq Kms and is the largest national park in the country. It covers parts of three districts of Balochistan Lasbela, Gwadar, and Awaran. The Hingol National Park is known for animal species such as Marsh Crocodile, Olive Ridley (Sea Turtle) and Green Marine Turtles etc. The team also explored Kund Malir and visited the famous Mud Volcanoes of Balochistan.

The caravan also tasted the traditional food of the province,the goat meat famously known as Sajji and Namkeen Gosht. The traditional Sajji of Balochistan is famous throughout Pakistan and the team indeed enjoyed it to its fullest.

At the end of day 2, the caravan returned to Karachi.

Day 3 – Visiting the Interior Sindh

On the third day, the team left for Hyderabad and Sukkur, where they visited Kotri Barrage and also visited many iconic sites of both cities. Other than the local heritage like Historical Tombs of Talpurs, the team also explored Lansdowne Bridge, Ayub Bridge, and Sukkur Barrage.

The trip was a meet and greet as well, and in Hyderabad, the fans gathered at Palari Hotel which is located on super highway Hyderabad. The team BR-V put on traditional clothing, AJRAK and Topi, to immerse itself fully in the local culture. AJRAK is unique form of block printed shawls and tiles found in Sindh, Pakistan.

Day 4 – All set for some ultimate racing experience

On the fourth day the team reached Rahim Yar Khan, explored the city and also visited internationally renowned Mosque Bhong, which mesmerises the ones who see it; undoubtedly it’s a cultural heritage for the people of Pakistan. Moreover, the team also visited Derawar Fort in the Cholistan and also explored Bahawalpur, where the BR-V performed well on mud terrains. The caravan visited TDCP office in Bahawalpur and also held a fan meet up there.

After exploring Balochistan and Sindh, the caravan entered Punjab via Rahim Yar Khan.

Day 5 – Entering the City of Saints – Multan

The caravan, on its fifth day, visited Noor Mahal and Darbar Mahal in Bahawalpur, both the sites are wonders of craftsmanship.

After exploring Rahim Yar Khan and Bahawalpur’s local cultural heritage sites, the team reached Multan – the City known for Saints and its mouthwatering Multani Sohan Halwa. Multan is considered the best city to produce Sohan Halwa throughout the world. BR-V team really enjoyed eating Sohan Halwa. There the caravan visited many places such as the Tomb of Shah Rukne Alam and famous Ghanta Ghar Chowk etc.

With all that the fifth day of the campaign came to an end. The team explored many parts of South Punjab, and after that, it explored Sahiwal and Lahore.

Day 6 – A stop at Sahiwal

On the 6th day of the journey, the caravan entered Sahiwal where the team visited the Honda 3S dealership, and after that, they went to explore Sahiwal Power Hub and other parts of the city. The team met fans waiting for them in the town. The caravan left Sahiwal for Lahore. At sharp 5:00 pm the team reached Changa Manga and explored it. Furthermore, the caravan also visited Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited company.

Day 7 – Visiting Lahore – A City full of Cultural Heritage

On the 7th day of the journey, the team explored Lahore – a city widely known for its rich cultural sites. The caravan at first had breakfast with Siri Paye– a famous local cuisine.The caravan at first explored Bahria Town, after that, it travelled to the Walled City and explored its surroundings.

As the caravan was in Lahore, also invited the whole team to its Lahore head office. Chairman PakWheels Suneel Sarfaraz Munj along with the PakWheels team and many fans welcomed the caravan.

In Lahore, the team also visited the iconic Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, Minar-e- Pakistan, Mall Road and Jail Road. The caravan had dinner at the famous food street, where they had the famous Lahori Karhai and Lassi. And with all the tasty food and historical moments, the seventh day of the journey concluded in Lahore.

The BR-V caravan after exploring the city of Lahore left for Gujranwala and Sialkot.

Day 8 – A day in Gujranwala and Sialkot

On the 8th day of the journey, the caravan reached Gujranwala sharp at 11:00 am and explored the beautiful city of Punjab. Aide from roaming the city, the team enjoyed the famous Gujranwala food “Chiray”. The food is famous for its rich taste in Pakistan.
Then the team left for Sialkot- the city known for the manufacturing of sports goods and birthplace of Allama Muhammad Iqbal.

The caravan visited Iqbal Manzil, Clock Tower, and Honda’s 3S dealership. Fans were also gathered in the city to welcome the caravan. After the long hectic day, the caravan had dinner in Kalar Kahar and stayed the night in Kalar Kahar as well.

Day 9 – Heading towards the Extreme North

On the 9th day of the journey, the caravan left for the capital Islamabad. On their way to Islamabad, the caravan explored Katas Raj Temples. It is believed that the temple’s pond was filled by the teardrops of Shiva. The pond occupies an area of two canals and 15 marlas, with a maximum depth of 20 feet. The BR-V caravan team also visited Khewra Mines; it is Pakistan’s largest, world’s 2nd largest and the oldest salt mine in the world.

The caravan after exploring these areas finally reached Islamabad where they had their lunch. After taking some time off, they left to view Faisal Mosque, Lake view park, Daman-e-Koh and Pir Sohawa. The fans were gathered at Mcdonald’s F9 to meet and greet BR-V caravan. Moreover, the team had a dinner at Monal, Islamabad. The food with the best scenic view was the thing which made the exploration of the city even beautiful. Chairman Suneel Munj has also joined BR-V caravan and accompanied the group all the way to Khunjerab pass. The ninth day concluded in Islamabad.

Day 10 – Exploring the mesmerizing beauty of Northern Areas

The BR-V caravan on their 10th day started their next leg of the journey from Pakistan Monument located in Islamabad– a symbol of unity of Pakistani people. After that, the caravan team left for Murree. The group explored many parts of Murree, also visited Nathia Gali and had lunch there. After exploring Nathia Gali, the caravan went straight to Abbottabad and saw famous local sites.

In Nathia Gali, the BR-V caravan enjoyed Patakha Chicken. It is a fried roast marinated in salt, garlic juice etc.The tenth day of the journey concluded in Abbottabad.

The team on their way to Chilas also visited Besham– the largest town and commercial centre of the Shangla District in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province.

Day 11 – Adventures of Chillas and Dasu

On the 11th day of the journey, lead by Muhammad Hanif Bhatti, the team BR-V left for Chilas– a city situated on the left bank of the mighty river Indus. The team met fans on their way, which were waiting to greet the caravan. The team explored the outskirts of Chilas as well.

Moving onwards, Dasu was also explored by the team and on their way to Chillas, despite the rough and poor condition of the road, BR-V overcame the bumps so well and smooth. And the day concluded in Chilas.

Day 12 – Visiting the Raikot Bridge, Gilgit and Eagle Nest

On the 12th and 13th day, the caravan travelled through the silk route, explored Raikot Bridge, Jaglot, Gilgit, Karimabad and visited Eagle Nest, where the drivers took it to the extreme point, and as many cars failed to keep a balance, BR-V kept a smooth drive throughout the bumpy and rough road. After a day full of the adventurous ride, the team stayed at Karimabad Hunza.

Day 14 – Wrapping up with the beautiful Passu Cones and Khunjerab Pass

On the last day of the cross-country journey, the team explored Attabad Lake and tunnel, where they got a chance to meet the foreign tourists, who applauded the whole campaign idea and showed their positive sentiments towards the team.

The team wore traditional clothes and attires presented to them by the locals. They enjoyed wearing the clothes and thanked the people for their generosity and hospitality.

The team also visited Passu Cones, a range of mountains which are a series of mountains with the cone shape and are known for their uniqueness worldwide. And after enjoying the nature’s bounty at the Cherry and Plum orchids on their route, the caravan finally reached Khunjerab Pass – the final destination of the journey.

The Closing Ceremony was held in Gilgit Serena on 12th May 2018, which was attended by the President Honda Mr Hironobu Yoshimura along with the top management of Honda and official valued partners – Bank Alfalah, Kansai Paints, Idemitsu, and Tracking World. Moreover, Mr Suneel Munj from PakWheels with other car enthusiasts was also there to honour the closing ceremony. Once again, the event was well celebrated with folk music performance, and the participants were awarded the shields as a souvenir from Honda.

It was the first of its kind adventure trip organised by Honda Pakistan that explored the beauty, taste and historical culture of Pakistan in Honda BR-V – A car all set to go on adventures!


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