Zindigi, powered by JS Bank, has launched a deeply patriotic campaign, “Pakistan Hai Zindigi,” dedicated to Pakistan’s Independence Day. The campaign is filled with youthful energy and patriotic fervor, embodying the very spirit of our nation. At the heart of this campaign lies a powerful message – Pakistan is not merely a piece of land; it is our life, and our pride.  The campaign’s core is a captivating video that celebrates Independence Day with the cherished memories that cultivate a genuine feeling of belonging within us. Zindigi shaped a UGC campaign around this sentiment to evoke a sense of patriotism among Pakistani youth, inviting them to share moments of joy that embody the spirit of celebrating Azadi, using the hashtag, #PakistanHaiZindigi.

“Pakistan Hai Zindigi” is more than a marketing endeavor; it is a testament to Zindigi’s commitment to safeguarding our nation’s unity and strength, through the vibrant spirit of our youth, and the enduring love for Pakistan that binds generations together. Innovative, customer-centric, and responsible, Zindigi continues to redefine the digital banking experience, driving technological advancements while promoting sustainable practices that enrich our deep roots and uphold our country’s prosperity. “Pakistan Hai Zindigi” stands as a living testament to Zindigi’s unwavering commitment that its not merely a brand; it’s a dedicated partner in shaping the future of our country.