Electricity and power crisis are one of the most crucial issues in Pakistan. With the high demand of 16000 MW and the low supply for 9000 MW, the excessive demand of 7000 MW can be seen in the national grid.

As per the directive policies of the Prime Minister, Shahid Khaqaan Abbasi, power plants running on expensive furnace oil were closed down.

this created a greater gap of up to 4250 MW in the power demand and supply. The projects that were shut down included:

  • 950 MW from Hubco
  • 1000 MW from Muzaffargarh
  • 400 MW from Jamshoro
  • 700 MW from KAPCO.

Moreover, the diesel/furnace oil-fired plants that were shut down also include Nishat power, Nishar Chunian Power, Liberty, Hubco Norwal, Atlas and Kel, whose capacity accumulated to 1200 MW

The hydel power plants are also being unproductive as the reservoirs of Pakistan are releasing less water, which is creating a shortage of 4300 MW.

This will cause the country to face 8 – 10 hours of load shedding per day

An official statement issued by the Power Division also declared that SNGPL has also curtained 200 mmcfd gas supplies due to maintenance work between 3rd November – 7th November, which resulted in a reduction of 500 MW in the system.

The Power Division of Pakistan has directed the NPCC to chalk out an emergency load management plan for 72 hours till the restoration of 1200 MW nuclear power plants. However, the Power Division hopes that the situation shall improve as the demand is declining with a decrease in the temperature.

Adding to this situation, the smog in Punjab caused some plants to trip, increasing the gap to 7000 MW.

The National Transmission and Distribution system today averted the supply of electricity by tripping 11 main 500KV and 220 KV NTDC’s circuits/Grid stations. This tripping was caused by severe dense smog in the Punjab regions.

The smog also led to the closure of all Chashma Nuclear Power Plants.

However, the work is now being restored after necessary technical and security protocol. It is expected to get back to its full capacity in 72 hours.

These circuits/grid Stations include:

  • 500kv Multan – DG khan. khan,
  • 500kV Guddo747 circuit tripped along with Multan Bus Bar-1,
  • 500kv Multan-Yousafwala circuit,
  • 220KV Muzafargarh ph1 -Bhawalpur cct 1 trip @0442hrs,
  • 220kv Multan-Vehari circuits -I & II,
  • 220kv Vehari- Kassowal circuits -I & II,
  • 220kv Kassowal- Yousafwala circuits -I & II,
  • 220kv Multan-Muzafargarh circuit -4,
  • 220kv Multan-Kapco circuit-4 500kv Multan- ,
  • 220kv Vehari ,kasowal & chishtian Grids
  • 220kv Yousfwala- Okara circuit.

The power Division of Pakistan has apologized for the inconvenience caused and has asked for full cooperation from the people of Pakistan.

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