pakistan export 4g phones
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In a first for Pakistan, the first shipment of 4G phones created in Pakistan has been exported successfully. Though Pakistan is strong on exports, this new venture is one with immense untapped potential. It can take our export business to new heights. Here’s all you need to know about the beginning of a new era!

pakistan export 4g phones
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The Announcement 

Abdul Razak Dawood made the announcement. He is the adviser to Prime Minister on Commerce and it may be that this venture is due to his efforts. Dawood announced that the country has finally exported the first ‘made in Pakistan’ shipment of 4G mobile phones. The destination of these phones is the Middle East.

Referring to this breakthrough, he said this was a great day for Pakistan. 

Further Details

The company that has manufactured these phones is Inovi Telecom. Their first consignment included 5,500 phones which are proudly “Made in Pakistan”. The phones headed for the Middle East have been created after extensive research and development. Kudos to the company! 

pakistan export 4g phones
Image Source: Tech Juice

Abdul Razak Dawood added, “We hope that this will be the beginning of an era of high value-added exports from Pakistan.”

Pakistan’s Exports Revamped

Dawood also intimated netizens on the future plans for Pakistan’s exports. The export of phones for the first time marks the beginning of a new era. Dawood said that Pakistan’s traditional exports will now move towards product diversification. “I urge other mobile manufacturers in Pakistan to emulate this example and aggressively export their products,” suggested the commerce advisor.

In the next few years, we are going to be focusing on exporting motorcycles. In an event at the Faisalabad Chambers of Commerce, Dawood said that the total volume of Pakistan’s exports should move up to $200 billion. Pakistan is in dire need of in-flow capital from abroad, this is the key to it. According to economists, the national economy is on the right track, though at the very initial stages. Dawood also reiterated the PM’s priority to facilitate exporters.

pakistan export 4g phones
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Netizens Reactions

The netizens were more than happy to hear this good news. Many applauded the advisor and the management for managing this new venture. Pakistan’s exports/imports has always been an under-whelming topic and this news has encouraged people to be hopeful of the future.

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