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If you have ever heard of international relations, you are familiar with what comes to mind. The subject speaks about how Pakistan handles its relationships with other countries. Like human beings, Pakistan also has relations with others, and it is often crucial to keep them going. When Pakistan decided to open up trade with the US, their connection strengthened and soared high. Now, with the country so famous and all over the map, everyone wants to be a part of Pakistan’s rise. One of our oldest and best neighbors happens to be China. The year 2021 marks the 70th anniversary of the countries first established relations. Things have not been brighter on the Pak-China front, with CPEC and now automotive development. In light of this, the two countries have launched yet another new venture. It will tend to focus on the economy even more.

Pakistan and China relations
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China As An Old Player:

It comes as no surprise that China is an old player. This means that, if living on Earth is a game, China is a veteran. Their history is rich and full of events constantly changing their dynamics. They have had humungous wars and shift in power. They established trade on items such as tea and tobacco. China, when it comes to titans, is not one to be messed with.

PID Pakistan

Of course, with everything under its belt, China is still a country continually improving. A new venture has been launched between them and Pakistan. According to sources, this venture will benefit significantly on both sides and allow them to move forward at a brisk pace. There is much to be done and a lot more to be seen from this point ahead!

Embarking On A New Journey:

So what exactly does this new stuff bring? According to sources, the combination of the two is set to be on the agricultural front. Since Pakistan is an agro-based economy and farming for goods is a significant contribution, this is necessary. It will not only help expand our operations but even allow the farming of exotic goods. This can include strawberries, other types of wheat as well as other goods.

This even benefits China because they too have a large part of their economy in the agricultural sector. Pakistan is also moving forward in terms of technology, but it will be a while to catch up to where China is right now. Nevertheless, this deal also means more employment opportunities and a platform for the conduction of such businesses.

Pak and China new venture
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Pak – China Friendship For All Time:

So what does this mean for the future of the two countries? This venture is indeed highly beneficial and useful for both parties. Additionally, it gives them the chance to deepen their bonds and conduct even more similar businesses together. China is taking a heavy step into Pakistan with the automotive industry, with Changan and BAIC. It is now time to extend this even further.

We hope the venture succeeds and allows the gates to open for more similar opportunities. The year has just begun, and the night is young. Much remains to be seen.

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