If you were considering buying yourself a Suzuki Wagon R, look like you might just be out of luck! Pak Suzuki has halted bookings for the popular ‘dhabba’.

The company has stopped all of its dealers from taking any more bookings for the vehicle. The manufacturer had issued a notice and is effective from today, February 1st, 2018.

The suspension is only temporary, and all previous orders will be delivered accordingly.

The reason is unknown, however, there are a couple of speculations in regards to why Suzuki had made such a move.

One of the reasons can be the number of bookings the company already has. There is a certain number of units which a manufacturer can produce at a time, and the number of bookings could have exceeded the number of units of production.

Another reason behind this call is that there is a possibility the brand is diverting their customer sales from the Wagon R towards the new Suzuki Cultus Hatchback, to bring an increase in demand.

We will let you know what the story behind this major news actually is soon!

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