packages mall

Who doesn’t need a laugh every now and then? A good laugh is something no one minds, especially if someone dares to break you into a fit of laughter. Packages Mall did the same for all at its Packages Mall Laughter Therapy.

Lahore’s favorite mall made everyone experience an evening full of happiness and laughter with family & friends on October 18th, when two of the best comedy acts in Pakistan took on the challenge of relieving everyone of all their stress.

Who was there to tickle everyone’s funny bone? Bearing the title of one of Pakistan’s funniest comedians, Saad Haroon was where Lahore comes to the shop to make everyone’s evening an evening to remember.  A pioneer in Pakistani stand-up, Haroon is also the first stand-up comedian to tour Pakistan. The creator of BlackFish, Pakistan’s first improvisational comedy troupe, he is not only a standup comedian, but an improviser, director, scriptwriter, producer and what not!

The other guest of the evening invited to make the audience double-up in laughter were the Khawatoons, Pakistan’s first all-female comedy improv troupe! United by their passion for humor and the stage, the Khawatoons are a sisterhood of extremely inspired and talented women who promise to infect the audience with their contagious energy, which they successfully did at the Packages Mall Laughter Therapy!

Packages Mall Laughter Therapy was an exclusive evening for only those who praise comedy because it takes a peculiar mind to evaluate humor but it takes a funny mind to appreciate it! The audience members included eminent people from Lahore like CEOs, bloggers/influencers and other individuals who thoroughly enjoy and value this art. According to the event attendees, Packages Mall Laughter Therapy was an extraordinary event and this confirmed the fact that Packages Mall is just not any other shopping place but a perfect spot for all kinds of family entertainment.

This phenomenal evening at Packages Mall was spent in the company of hilarity and humor where these incredible comedians gave a great rib-tickling experience to the audience leaving them in stitches!