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Pakistan on Wednesday confirmed the first two deaths from the coronavirus outbreak in the country. Both deaths were reported in the northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province, one in its capital Peshawar and the other in the Mardan district.


Furthermore, the global death toll hit 10,000 and jobless numbers soared due to the novel virus. There has been a partial lockdown in Pakistan in order to avoid any further close contact which is why the poor are suffering from lack of money and wages.

There are NGOs that are striving to gather enough cash and goods for the poor so they can feed their family.

1. Robin Hood Army has partnered with Orange Tree that seems to be set up with a Dubai bank for donations with IBAN codes. This collaboration can bring funds internationally as well

Source/ Robin Hood Army Facebook

2. Another foundation with the name of Salman Sufi is doing a great initiative where they’re offering basic food to the people who are in a dire need of it.

You can contact them at the given number

3. Furthermore, Saylani Welfare Trust is offering the underprivileged suffering due to the virus the service of Roti Bank where they can acquire cooked food free of cost. It’s an excellent initiative from Saylani Welfare

4. Al-Khidmat Foundation also rolled up their sleeves to help the patients of Covid 19 as much as they can while offering their facilities to the Sindh Government. Their hospitals in Thar and Punjab are being used by the government. They’re also generating funds for the people suffering from the virus.

It’s high time all of us contribute to society in this problematic time.