oreo thins idea children parents cookies
Image Source: Oreo Thins

If you, as a parent, also suffer from your children gobbling down your cookies, look no further. Oreo Thins has come up with a master plan to ensure parents get to enjoy Oreos in peace. Here’s how it rolled out:

Oreo Thins

Oreo Thins is the grown-up version of the classic thick Oreo cookies. They’re specially made for adults just because! Internationally, many grown-ups opt for Oreo Thins but find themselves unable to enjoy it. Why? Because of their sneaky offspring.

Helping Parents Enjoy

To help these hardworking adults, Oreo created proxy packaging. This new incognito packaging for Oreo Thins has brands on it that have nothing to do with food. For instance, Oreo Thins partnered with Ford, Green Giant, Hanes, and Better Homes & Gardens. These ‘adult’ brands on the package will keep the kids away.

oreo thins idea children parents cookies
Image Source: Oreo Thins

In other words, this limited edition wrapping makes the package of Oreo Thins look like a vehicle owner’s manual, frozen vegetables, plain white t-shirts, or simply a cookbook. This way, parents get to slip the packet everywhere and enjoy the cookies too. The Oreo Thins can also be kept in the glove box, sock drawer, freezer, or bookshelf.

Marketing Carefully

The brands that were chosen by Oreo Thins are completely unrelated. However, what ties them together to the problem was the demographic of millennial parents. Apparently, these parents have been complaining “for years” about their kids hoarding their Oreo Thins. This comes directly from the Brand Manager Oreo, Sydney Kranzmann.

oreo thins idea children parents cookies
Image Source: Adweek

Kranzmann said that the partnership was meant to target the broadest number of households. Oreo identified Ford, Hanes, Green Giant and Better Homes & Gardens as category leaders that were used most by the target group. By creating a collection of camouflaged packs the cookies can be camouflaged and the children will be none the wiser.

The Details

Oreo made 3,000 of the packages and they are being given on a first-come, first-served basis. Moreover, contests are also being announced. Parents are asked to post about their Oreo Thins hiding spots on social media using the hashtag #THINSProtectionProgram. This can help them enter a contest to win $25,000.

oreo thins idea children parents cookies
Image Source: Adage

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