oreo by montelez international

Who doesn’t love Oreos? The epic tagline of twist, lick, dunk was a childhood anthem for almost every other kid.

Dunked in a nice cold glass of milk, or even on their own, Oreos are DELICIOUS.

However, many Muslim hearts shattered when the brand itself stated that Oreos by Mondelez International are not Halal.

Since then many individuals from the Muslim community took it to Twitter to talk about their heartbreak!

Some are wishing the question had never been asked!

#OreoPakistanIsHalal Takes Over Twitter

Thankfully, Oreo Pakistan is HALAL! That’s right! Oreo in Pakistan is manufactured by Continental Biscuits and are 100% Halal.

The #OreoPakistanIsHalal trend took over social media to celebrate the fact that Pakistanis can enjoy their favorite treats without having to worry about anything at all.

After all, Oreos make the world go round!

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