Leading global smart device brand OPPO has always been at the forefront of celebrating its consumer base and adding value to its lives through technology. As the year closes, OPPO asked its users to share moments that mattered the most to them in the year 2021. Using the hashtags #FlashBack2021 and #ShotonOPPO, OPPO users were able to share their favourite moments from the year and had the opportunity to be featured in OPPO’s Annual Film.

Showcasing the photography and video capabilities of OPPO’s advanced smartphones, OPPO users utilized their filmmaking creativity and shared fun and joyful moments with their loved ones. These moments captured a range of activities such as architecture, food and travel.

The OPPO Annual Film aims to highlight the importance of enjoying the little moments in life and shows the emotional connection OPPO users have with their loved ones while also celebrating the strength of character and spirit that enables us to stay happy despite the challenges life throws at us. The participation of several online personalities helped create a greater buzz for the Annual Film and resulted in many clip submissions which collated into the final film. The Annual Film and other video and photography content from OPPO users can be viewed on OPPO Pakistan’s social media platforms.

Street interviews were also conducted asking people to summarize their year. The interviews, shot on the OPPO Reno6, covered their New Year resolutions and other personal moments. Influencers also carried out interviews on university campuses in Karachi and Lahore. Amusing stories were shared by the students on their most embarrassing moments in 2021 as well as heartwarming anecdotes of the most memorable moments of the year.

All the happy and hopeful moments shared from the year shows the strong connection OPPO users have with their loved ones and thus, is a call for celebration as we bid farewell to the year 2021.

The unmistakable common thread running through all these was the role OPPO devices played in enhancing those connections. OPPO believes in “Technology for mankind, kindness for the world”. As we enter into 2022, OPPO wishes you to create and capture even more memories shared with your loved ones.