OnePlus Open Out Now! How Does It Stand Out Among Other Foldables?

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Once the underdog champion, OnePlus has seen its fair share of ups and downs in the smartphone arena. After a somewhat rocky transition under OPPO’s umbrella, the company struggled to regain the trust of its fanbase. However, in a surprising move earlier this year, OnePlus announced its entry into the foldable phone market with the OnePlus Open. Skepticism loomed as OnePlus had faced challenges with fully polished software on its flagship devices in the past. Could they tackle the complexities of a foldable phone? It turns out they could, and they did so exceptionally well.

Designing for the Future

The OnePlus Open is not only a game-changer for OnePlus but also a standout among foldable devices. The device’s design is a testament to OnePlus’ commitment to industrial minimalism, combining metal, glass, and vegan leather to create a unique and visually appealing device. The black glass in the gunmetal grey shell, accented by the vegan leather back, exudes a classic yet modern charm reminiscent of vintage rangefinder cameras.

OnePlus Open vs. Google Pixel Fold: don't buy the wrong folding phone | Digital Trends
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The oversized camera module, often a point of contention, finds its harmony with the vegan leather, presenting a retro-modern aesthetic. While the camera bump may seem imposing in renders, it’s surprisingly well-balanced in hand, thanks to the clever use of materials.

The OnePlus Open’s Unique Approach

Beyond aesthetics, the OnePlus Open excels in usability. Unlike some of its foldable competitors, it offers the best of both worlds with its 6.31-inch outer screen, featuring a 20.1:9 aspect ratio that feels familiar to users of traditional slab-style phones. This balance between productivity and practicality extends to the internal display, making multitasking a breeze.

The device’s innovation extends to its matte screen guard, a simple yet ingenious solution to the common issues of fingerprints, glare, and creases faced by foldable phones. The matte screen protector enhances outdoor visibility, reduces smudges, and even conceals the central crease.

The Flexion Hinge Technology

OnePlus also chose to adopt OPPO’s Flexion Hinge technology, addressing one of the major concerns with foldable phones—the crease. The hinge system ensures the crease is barely felt and seldom visible, even when viewed head-on. It offers stability at various angles, allowing users to explore unique configurations for different use cases.

OnePlus Open launched: Should Google and Samsung watch out?
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Moreover, the OnePlus Open is noticeably slimmer and lighter than some of its competitors, making it comfortable to hold and carry. The two-millimeter difference may not seem substantial on paper, but it significantly enhances the phone’s overall feel and user experience.

The OnePlus Open is a remarkable entry into the foldable phone market and signifies a resurgence for OnePlus. It not only meets the high design standards that OnePlus fans have come to expect but also excels in terms of usability and innovation. With its unique approach to aesthetics, usability, and materials, the OnePlus Open has undoubtedly raised the bar for foldable devices and sets a new standard for the industry. This device serves as a testament to OnePlus’ commitment to delivering top-notch products and winning back the trust of its dedicated fanbase.

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