Official Lahore Qalandar Logo Found On Adobe Stock – Where’s The Originality?

Source: INCnet

The Lahore Qalandars’ new uniform logo, created by club skipper Shaheen Afridi, stunned the cricketing community with its understated yet high-quality design.

While some Lahore Qalandars supporters were thrilled with the original artwork, their joy was short-lived as it became clear that the emblem was simply lifted from the stock image website AdobeStock.

Lahore Qalandars’ egregious error not only generated controversy on social media but also raised doubts about their moral character because they claimed that Shaheen Afridi himself had created their stolen emblem.

Shaheen Afridi designs logo of PSL side Lahore Qalandars, gets called out for blatant copy | Cricket News
Source: Republic world

The new uniforms for the next eighth season of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) would be created by the captain, according to earlier information from Lahore Qalandars CEO Atif Rana. A component of the new kit’s design was the logo.

In addition to the error, many supporters expressed their displeasure with the new emblem, arguing that it better captured the essence of Lahore Qalandars and had more personality.

The new Lahore uniforms will be presented in the coming days as the team gets ready for the upcoming PSL season. On February 13, Lahore and Multan Sultans will square off in the opening match of the competition.

Lack of creativity becoming a normal practice in Pakistan?

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