Supreme Court of Pakistan has recently passed an order against Nurpur UHT Milk.

We would like to use this space to clear the air and lay down some facts.

We acquire our milk from farmers who are trained in production and handling of hygienic milk. The utensils for milking and transportation are sterilised. Our milk collection agents perform 23 tests on each batch of milk before collection.

Medically screened personnel then handle the transportation of milk in insulated SS tankers at 4°C. Throughout this process, quality checks are made which are compliant with both international and national (federal and provincial) standards.

Only through such resilience, commitment and attention to every little detail has Nurpur been able to attain following quality certifications:

• Pakistan Halal Std. Certification (PS-3733:2016)
• ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System
• FSSC-22000 Food Safety Std. certification

Along with this, all our products have been tested and verified by Punjab Food Authority and PSQCA. All House of Nurpur products have also been tested by a number of third-party labs, namely, SGS Pakistan, Interek Pakistan and Qarshi Labs Pakistan.

All these laborious quality control tests, procedures and certifications make sure that the milk that goes from the farm to your glass is fresh, healthy and fit for consumption by you and your loved ones.

We at Fauji Foods have a commitment to provide quality nourishment to the people of our motherland.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has directed PCSIR to reconduct the tests, results of which will be shared with you shortly


House of Nurpur