Numerous Areas Of Karachi In Miserable State As Eid Al Adha Ends

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Eid Al-Adha took place in Pakistan from Wednesday to Friday. Today, however, the sight was slightly different than what was promised. It was made quite clear that there was to be no unsanitary material on the streets or the side. It happens every year and a lot of efforts are made to reduce this form of pollution. Not only is it bad for the environment, but it is also quite harmful to health. Leaving parts from sacrificial animals, out in the street, can attract quite a lot of germs and diseases. They must be disposed of properly.

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Karachi Situation On Saturday Morning

While it was said that there is no animal waste out on the streets, many areas contradicted that. There is a famous road in Karachi by the name of Jehangir road. One of the reasons people know its name is because it’s always full of water. There are few instances when there isn’t sewerage water on the road. It makes commute quite difficult for many people.

Additionally, it is quite unsanitary and unhealthy. A lot of water-borne diseases could cause havoc in that region if the issue is not solved properly. According to a source, the road was full of water on Eid days too. Between that, a lot of animal waste was dumped on the sides of the road, eventually finding its way into the water. Not only has this increased the danger, but it has also put the residents of the area in a miserable state.

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post eid situation in karachi
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Cleaning Up The City

It must also be noted that this is not the only affected area of Karachi. Many other places have been left in a miserable state due to the animal waste not being picked up. It even causes a bad aroma in the entire area. The bridge that runs through the area ‘Water Pump’ also sees a lot of animal waste underneath it each year. The Nipa bridge is yet another place where animal waste is dumped every year.

These places must be taken notice of if they haven’t been cleaned already. We are not aware of the current situation of some of these places, but we are sure of many others. This is a serious matter and must be dealt with immediately. Islam also teaches that cleanliness is half of the faith so let us keep practising that.

eid and karach situation of trash
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