Hold onto your noses, guys! A weird study from Amsterdam University Medical Centers has discovered a crazy link between nose-picking and the risk of catching COVID-19. Yes, you heard that right! Turns out that healthcare workers who are nose-pickers have a way higher chance of getting the virus than other people do. First off, who comes up with such crazy but stupid theories. Secondly, how is this even a thing?

Back in 2019, when COVID-19 took over the world unexpectedly, health authorities rushed to find ways to stop its wild spread. They tried everything from keeping a safe distance to strict hygiene rules in hospitals. But guess what? Healthcare workers still faced a higher risk of getting COVID-19. And here’s where things get funny because this hilarious study suggests that everyday habits like nose-picking could be part of the problem! I don’t have anything against nose-picking because everyone does it but if it’s habitual then its not only disgusting but also dangerous now.

The Study 

Image Source: ABC

A bunch of researchers asked over 400 healthcare workers at Amsterdam University Medical Centers about their personal quirks. They wanted to know all about nose-picking, nail-biting, wearing glasses, and having a beard. A whopping 85 percent of the healthcare workers confessed to being dedicated nose-pickers, doing it anywhere from once a month to every single day. Ewww!

And here’s the crazy part, the data showed that those who picked their noses a lot had a much higher chance of getting COVID-19 compared to the non-pickers. Oh, and they made sure to rule out other factors like being around COVID-19 patients. It was all about nose-picking! But wait, there’s more! The scientists think that when you pick your nose, you might be letting the virus sneak in through your hand and take over your nose, which then acts like an entrance for COVID-19.

Image Source: SHRM

Now, don’t worry if you’re a nail-biter or glasses-wearer. The study found no funny but dangerous business going on with those habits. In fact, they think nail-biters might have some secret weapon in their spit that keeps the virus at bay. This research might sound like a joke, but it’s serious stuff.

It gives us fresh insights into how our everyday quirks can play a big part in spreading COVID-19, especially in places like hospitals where the risk is high. So, remember to keep those fingers out of your nose, practice good hygiene, and stay safe out there! It’s the little habits that can make all the difference in this never-ending battle against the pandemic.

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