Seems like doppelgängers do exist, because we’ve found Noor Zafars’. If you didn’t know, Noor Zafar is an actress who appeared in romantic and thriller Urdu television series. Noor Zafar is currently making headlines after netizens spotted her look-alike in one of Kashee’s bridal campaigns. Although the brand Kashee’s is new to the market, it has already established itself quite well. Kashee’s deals with almost everything a bride would need, all under one roof. The bridal brand sells bridal clothes, wigs, jewelry and even deals with hair and makeup.

Kashee’s released a new bridal campaign, featuring a stunning model. Wearing a yellow bridal, designed by Kashee’s, she’s shown getting dressed up. Netizens were quick to pick up on the fact that she looked exactly like Noor Zafar, the actress. Since then both the campaign and the actress have gone viral. And currently, the internet can’t help but keep comparing the two.

Noor Zafars’ Doppelganger, A Kashee’s Model

Unfortunately, netizens have shared their opinions on the two. As always, no one could help but begin to compare the two.

noor zafar compared

The comments rolled in, and it is appalling to see so many say such harsh things about the women. This news had nothing to do with who is better looking and who is not. Yet, they’ve made it about that. The comments have then, repeatedly, stated that the model from Kashees, is just so much more beautiful when it wasn’t even asked?

Now labeling one prettier may not be as harmful as it may seem, but it can be detrimental to their self-worth and societal progress. Each woman has her own set of unique skills, talent, and beauty, and should be celebrated accordingly. Instead, they are set up to pull each other down.

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