noor bukhari haters
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Noor Bukhari has just made a post which is hilarious, much-needed yet jokes part, it is concerning.

Releasing The Pent Up Frustrations

The veteran actress who has now given up her life in media and preaches Islam took to Instagram to help her followers. You must remember that we reported at the end of last year that people hated on her profusely for setting up Christmas decorations. 

Her conversion to following Islam closely was questioned. The way she was raising her children was questioned. Even her children whose videos she shared were dragged into vile conversations discussing the dos and donts of religions. The comments under that post and many others led her to finally make this one.

noor bukhari haters
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Noor Bukhari made a post on Instagram that specially asks people to hate. It asks them to release all their anger, frustration and negative emotions. Basically, it’s a call for a rant! The only difference is that people no longer have to do it without anyone asking them to do it.

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The Irony!

However, the irony has to be that the comments that started pouring in were not even quarter as bad. Her fans became concerned and sent messages of concern. While others just laughed and move on. Here’s your insight into the infamous comments section.

noor bukhari haters
Image Source: Instagram
noor bukhari haters
Image Source: Instagram

The Depth of Truth

In the caption, Noor Bukhari writes that since people like to do this under every post, why not do it under one that especially asks for it? She also especially targets those who choose each celebrity’s post to attack, troll and hate them in the comments section.

The truth of the matter is, this post will not change anything but it shows the extent to which the receivers of such hate are affected by it. We can only imagine being exposed to the public in this way and then being bashed constantly for it.

Where Intolerance Starts

The comment sections under some posts are disturbing. From disgusting comments about women’s bodies to morally-condemning comments about religion and piety, there’s everything.

Truth be told, it seems as if this is most common and most intense in Pakistan. We all see pictures of Indian celebrities or Hollywood celebrities but none of them have comments as vile as ours. These comments then become an extension of aggression, hate and intolerance that people keep inside their hearts and minds in Pakistan. Will it not come out elsewhere?

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