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In a recent statement, K-Electric’s spokesperson addressed the concerns and misconceptions regarding unannounced load shedding in Karachi. The spokesperson emphasized that electricity supply in Karachi continues as usual, and there is no unannounced load shedding.

Differentiating Regional Faults from Load Shedding

The spokesperson clarified that it is incorrect to equate regional faults with load shedding. “Load shedding is being announced as per the schedule given on the website,” the spokesperson stated. Regional faults, which are technical issues or breakdowns in specific areas. However these should not be confused with load shedding. Since it is a controlled and scheduled power outage.

No respite from loadshedding for residents of Karachi
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Factors Influencing Load Shedding

K-Electric explained that load shedding schedules are influenced by several factors, including the rate of power theft and losses in different areas. Areas with higher rates of electricity theft and technical losses experience more frequent load shedding to manage the demand and supply effectively. This targeted approach aims to minimize the impact on areas with lower theft and losses.

To help residents stay informed, K-Electric provides several resources. Customers can learn the name of their respective feeder by checking the header of their KE bill, using the “Power” tab on the KE Live app, or calling 118. Additionally, the latest load shedding schedules are available on K-Electric’s website and through their free SMS service. By texting “REGISTER” to 8119, residents can receive real-time updates on their load shedding schedules.

Current Weather and Power Demand

The ongoing heatwave in Pakistan, particularly in the southern districts, has increased power demand. According to the latest forecast from the Meteorological Department, most parts of the country are experiencing extreme temperatures. Coastal areas, including Karachi, face hot and humid conditions. There is a slight possibility of drizzle along the coastline, which might offer some relief from the heat.

K-Electric has made the load shedding schedule available for public viewing, ensuring transparency. The schedule lists various grids, feeder names, groups, and categories, along with the cycles of load shedding applicable to each area. For instance, the feeders under Agha Khan grid have specific load shedding cycles detailed in the schedule.

Ensuring Accuracy and Reliability

K-Electric emphasizes that the information provided is for “information purposes” only and may change due to the dynamic nature of their operations. They encourage residents to check the KE website or the KE Live app periodically for updates. The recategorization of feeders is part of K-Electric’s standard procedure, ensuring area profiles are reviewed and updated regularly.

Karachi faces increased power cuts amid hot weather
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K-Electric is committed to maintaining transparency and providing accurate information to its customers. By differentiating between regional faults and load shedding, and providing resources to stay updated, K-Electric aims to address public concerns and improve service reliability. For the latest updates and information, customers are encouraged to utilize the KE Live app and other resources provided by K-Electric.

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