Saleem Mairaj, a seasoned Pakistani actor renowned for his antagonistic roles, recently got candid about the reality of romantic relationships in the world of showbiz.

The conversation kicked off with Mazaaqraat’s host Imran Ashraf teasing Saleem Mairaj, the man behind the notorious national television villain, on his love life prior to marriage.

Mairaj cleverly sidestepped the question by declaring that his wife is his first and ultimate love. Nevertheless, the Mazaaqraat team, known for their wit and persistence, ensured that Saleem Mairaj wouldn’t escape without unveiling a more vulnerable side.

After considerable resistance, Saleem Mairaj finally admitted, “No one falls in love with a struggler,” shedding light on the rough patch in his earlier years as an actor.

Mairaj shared an observation that most beautiful actresses choose to marry successful men. One of the Mazaaqraat crew members went on to ask if Saleem now receives attention from admirers following his recent successes. Saleem’s response was candid, suggesting that it’s now too late to respond to those advancements.

What’s next for the serial villain?

Looking ahead, the veteran actor was asked if he mostly appears as a villain due to personal taste, to which Saleem clarified that the choice of character often lies in the hands of the director.

He added that does prefer negative roles personally.

However, he also teased an exciting new role in an upcoming murder thriller “13” where he plays a character on a mission to stop a serial killer’s sinister plans to gun down 13 people.

As the conversation took a turn towards the dynamics of fame and success in the industry, Saleem Mairaj didn’t shy away from throwing a bit of shade on actors who aim for stardom without much concern for their craft, even after decades in the industry.

For those intrigued by this insightful conversation, the full interview can be watched online.

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