caa withdraws plastic wrapping luggage decision

Recently, Pakistani citizens could not stop talking about the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)’s decision of making plastic wrapping mandatory for both international and domestic passengers.

To facilitate their decision, the authority made sure that prices of the plastic wrapping were reduced from Rs 400 to Rs 50.

However, after major backlash from both civilians and influential political figures, the CAA has been compelled to withdraw their decision.

Here is what the notification issued by CAA said:

The letter under reference is to be treated as cancelled ab initio with immediate effect. Any correspondence made in furtherance of the referred latter is also required to be cancelled,”

“Compliance with regard to the above instructions is to be ensured with immediate effect,”

One of the major concerns pointed out on social media was the fact that this decision would just ruin the initiatives being taken by the government to go plastic-free.

Not too long ago, a ban on plastic shopping bags had been imposed for the same reason and anyone who was found using polythene bags would be penalized.

Senator Sherry Rehman, Zartaj Gul, and Marvi Sirmed are some of the influential people who came forward to protest against this decision.

Making it mandatory for travelers to wrap their luggages in polythene would just send all of the anti-plastic initiatives to waste, regardless of how thick or thin the plastic is.

Indeed, wrapping luggage in plastic is mandatory all over the airports of the world.

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