nintendo controller, everything to know
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When it comes to gaming, there are many categories. There is the standard console gaming, your PlayStation and your Xbox. Then there is Mobile gaming. Next comes PC gaming (The master race) and finally, we have Handheld gaming. Handheld is considered different from mobile because Handheld focuses solely on gaming.

So, who is the Titan of the handheld gaming industry? That’s right, you know the name! It’s Nintendo! Standing for decades now, Nintendo remains top tier go-to for handheld gaming. It releases new products occasionally, with elaborate games as well as stylish design. Talking about the Nintendo switch in specific, here is everything you need to know about Nintendo Switch Controllers.

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Nintendo Switch: Old Glory

Nintendo has a too creative marketing strategy. This strategy makes its products extremely valuable. The Nintendo Switch is a device that features state-of-the-art technology as well as the next generation of gaming. It is the future of handheld, and its controller is something to be marveled at.

The design of the controller is extremely unique. One of the most outstanding features is that the controller, Joy Con, is divided into two portions; the left one and right one.

The Left Side

On this side, usually denoted by the blue color, it has the ZL and L buttons. It also includes the left strick of a traditional controller. All of this is topped off with the standard set of directional buttons. It is also accompanied by a capture button for in-game screenshots. Use that to save all your fails and funny moments!

The directional is more suitable in head to head fighting games such as Injustice or Tekken. The joystick is more preferable for smooth movement in open-world games.

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The Right End

This is the second end of the Joy-con Nintendo Switch. It is denoted usually by a red color. If one notices, the combination of the two is actually the coding Nintendo as always used in its products. It features the ZR and R keys, which are equivalent to the R1 and R2 keys in the PlayStation. Additionally, the alphabetical keys like A,B,X,Y are placed on this side alongside the right joystick.

Finally, the right Joy-con has a home button for easy navigation mid-game.

Nintendo Joy con controllers
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There is more!

What makes the controller especially unique is that they employ motion sensing technology. They provide the user with the maximum possible immersive experience. Once you turn it on, you are sure to be hooked for hours on end.

The Nintendo Switch Controllers are attached using a rail function and are quite portable. You ever in the mood to game, just pull them out and put them on. The controllers can also be detached and used on larger screens more immersive experiences.

The Multi-Play

The Nintendo Switch Controllers can be used on a single device by two different people. Each person can sit at either end and controller their joy-con separately, be it red or blue. The game will be centered in the middle and both can enjoy!

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These are the details of the Joy-con controllers and we hope you experience the maximum when playing!

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