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The much-anticipated Hajj season of 2024 is fast approaching. Prospective pilgrims in Pakistan have been waiting for key details regarding costs, quotas, and accommodations. In an official announcement, the government has revealed that the 2024 Hajj cost will be set at Rs. 1.1 million per pilgrim. This significant update comes as part of the Hajj Policy 2024. Which is currently pending approval from the federal cabinet.

Hajj Cost Confirmed at Rs. 1.1 Million

Under the new Hajj policy, the cost for each pilgrim is fixed at Rs. 1.1 million. This announcement, as confirmed by local news sources, has brought clarity to one of the most crucial aspects of the pilgrimage. With this pricing, the government aims to streamline the process of preparing for the sacred journey. Ensuring that pilgrims are well-informed and financially prepared.

Hajj expenses could be slashed by up to 50% next year'
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One notable feature of the 2024 Hajj Policy is the government’s commitment to providing separate accommodations for individual families. This arrangement is expected to enhance the overall experience for pilgrims and cater to their specific needs and preferences.

Quota and Distribution

Pakistan has secured a total quota of 179,201 slots for the upcoming Hajj season from the Saudi government. This quota will be divided into two equal parts, with 50% allocated for the government program and the remaining 50% designated for the private program. This balanced distribution ensures that both government-sponsored and private pilgrims have the opportunity to participate in this holy journey.

Extended Hajj Duration

In a move to make the pilgrimage more accessible to Pakistani nationals, the Religious Ministry has introduced a groundbreaking change. For the first time, the Hajj duration for Pakistani pilgrims will be extended. Alowing them a window of 20 to 25 days. This generous timeframe is expected to provide pilgrims with more flexibility in performing their religious duties and experiencing the spiritual essence of the Hajj.

Pakistan's religious ministry proposes 50% Hajj quota for pilgrims paying in US dollars | Arab News PK
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Continuation of the Sponsorship Hajj Scheme

To further facilitate the acquisition of the necessary funds for Hajj, the government has decided to continue the Sponsorship Hajj Scheme for the upcoming year. This scheme plays a vital role in collecting Hajj expenses in dollars, benefitting approximately 10,000 individuals. By offering a dollar-based payment option, the government aims to alleviate financial burdens on pilgrims and ensure that the pilgrimage remains accessible to a wide range of individuals.

As Pakistan gears up for the 2024 Hajj season, these announcements provide prospective pilgrims with essential information on costs, accommodations, and the overall experience. The extended Hajj duration and the continuation of the Sponsorship Hajj Scheme reflect the government’s commitment to ensuring a smooth and spiritually enriching journey for all those embarking on this sacred pilgrimage.

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