14th August is just around the corner and Pakistan is getting ready to celebrate its 76th Independence Day, a street in New York City, which is the biggest and most popular city in the United States, has been given an extra name, it is now called ‘Allama Iqbal Avenue’.  Allama Iqbal is an important figure known around the world and a symbol of Pakistan. He had a dream of having a separate country for Muslims in the area, which came true in 1947.

Image Source: HUM News

Ambassador Masood Khan has praised Ali Rashid, who leads the American-Pakistani Advocacy Group, for making this happen. Ali Rashid worked hard to have the street named ‘Allama Iqbal Avenue’. “Naming a street after our national poet in New York, a famous city, will strengthen the relationship between Pakistan and the US. It will also make Pakistani people proud not only in New York but all over the United States,” Ambassador Masood Khan said.

Pakistan And The US 

He also praised Ali Rashid for his determined efforts to make Pakistan’s relationship with the US better and for teaching people in the US about Pakistan’s history and culture. Ali Rashid and the American-Pakistani Advocacy Group played an important role in getting the US House of Representatives to announce March 23, 2023, as “Pakistan Day.”

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Co-naming 109 Street and 101 Avenue in Richmond Hill, Queens, New York, is a way to honor Pakistan’s rich culture and also to let Pakistani Americans pay tribute to a great leader of their country. This news came from the Pakistani Embassy in Washington. Adrienne Adams, the Speaker of the New York City Council, said, “I am proud to celebrate the co-naming of 109th Street and 101st Avenue as Allama Iqbal Avenue as we approach Pakistan Independence Day. Allama Iqbal was an important poet, scholar, and leader, and his ideas led to Pakistan becoming its own country. His legacy continues in the active Pakistani community in New York City, which has added to the city’s culture.” 

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