sindh curriculum changed on intermediate level
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Our education system is something that certainly needs more and more improvement with each passing day. No matter which grade you are in, there are parts of our system so hard-coded, it is difficult for a student to thrive in that environment. Cheating is a major part of our education system since it can be seen being done by students every year. Whether the students are giving Matric papers or Intermediate board papers, copying and cheating is a common occurrence in every paper.

However, not only news regarding our education system can be considered adverse. In fact, it seems that Sindh’s Intermediate curriculum is going through another change. According to sources, four new subjects are going to be added to the Sindh Intermediate curriculum, and these are sure to bring more people to the system.

education and subjects added to sindh intermediate
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Sindh Intermediate With Quality Education

Of course, it is important to make sure that students are learning everything they can. This also means teaching subjects that are far apart from the usual science-related or mathematics related ones. That said, the four new subjects being added to the Intermediate curriculum are,

  • Pre-nursing
  • Pre-pharmacy
  • Medical Technology
  • Physical Education

The first two subjects can equip students with knowledge that can help them select fields if they intend to pursue the medical sciences. Additionally, medical technology is a subject that can be useful to those who intend to pursue technical degrees in the medical science field. Lastly, physical education or P.E, is a good skill to equip students with who intend to pursue sports as a career.

education system adding new subjects to curriculum
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Education System Improving

The addition of these subjects tells us of the increasing diversity of our Intermediate education system. It also tells us that we are moving away from the conventional ‘Doctor, Engineer’ mindset that a lot of people from the last three decades have emphasized upon. Those professions are essential but they are not the only ones out there worth exploring.

A student should be allowed to learn and study whichever area they have an interest in and these subjects can help them explore their interests better. That said, we hope these subjects bring a plethora of students to these fields as talent must not go unrewarded anywhere.

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