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COVID came into the world and was here to stay. We had to find a balance amidst the chaos, and what we found is now being termed as the ‘new normal’. But even before we achieved it, the scientists had to get on to the case of covid because by understanding the virus could the hope to make a vaccine and deal with it.

COVID recovered 

By conducting numerous searches, scientists have figured out much about the virus, the vaccines have been developed and rolled out into the world. However, here is the thing; while the virus will protect us from contracting it in the future, those who have already had it, the vaccine won’t alter their outcomes. So it’s on the scientists now to research how the virus has affected the recovered patients to figure out how to help them.

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Sufferings of the recovered patients

In the past, conjunctivitis has been linked with the virus. So the researchers decided to study it further. They enlisted 129 people who had recovered from the virus. The participants had to go through an MRI scan. 9 out of the 129, 7% had irregular readings, nodules on the back of the eye.

Now, this is not that drastic of a number. But here is the crucial detail. Eight out of those participants had been in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). Moreover, most of these 9 had other conditions as well. For instance, 6 of them were obese, 2 had hypertension, and 2 had diabetes.


The reasoning 

We also need to note that when in ICU, 7 of them spent time in the prone position and were intubated. The main goal of the doctors is to keep the patient alive; everything else is secondary.

Dr. Claudia F.E. Kirsch, division chief, neuroradiology at Northwell Health in New York, said, “The first goal is to get patients to breathe on their own and reduce the viral load. Prevention would be ideal so that patients don’t contract the disease at all. Handwashing and all the basics are also important, but we are still learning about what happens to the eye.”

However, it’s after they have recovered that the consequences reveal themselves. So, in this case, because of the veins near the eyes getting inadequate drainage thanks to the prone position of the patients for long hours, eyes become inflamed

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