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There are some things with Pakistan that the people consider as the pride of their nation. The music industry in Pakistan is one that is praised by almost everyone. You cannot mention music in Pakistan and not think of ‘Vital Signs’. Junaid Jamshed is one of the few musicians who maintained their integrity in their latter years.

His Naats are some of the best ones you’d ever hear. So, what else do Pakistani’s pride on? The military forces present inside the country are one of the most impressive ones ever seen. The fighter pilots graduating from this country’s academies might just be at the ‘Top Gun’ level. Speaking of the Air Force, there is something for you to hear.

Air Force song release
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The Pakistan Air Force:

Even you must know how the Pakistan Air Force is. It looks quite cool whenever one sees a pilot in uniform. They remind one of what the cost is of defending the country. Just like the Army and Navy, they are the guardians of the skies. They are ready to put their life on the line for the good of the nation. M.M Alam and Rashid Minhas are golden examples of such heroism.

So, there seems to be something going on today. It is February 27th. The Pakistan Air Force has released a new song in memory of an event that occurred. The event took the world by storm and even gripped the entire nation. It became an international issue because of its nature.

A Melodious Moment:

It is time we tell you what this day is about. Two years ago, today, the Indian pilot, Abhinandan was caught in the country. India was allegedly set to drop a payload in the country. Yet, it seems they accidentally dropped a pilot in the country! His name is Abhinandan Warthaman. In memory of this day, Air Force released a song.

The song goes by the name of ‘Sada-e-Pakistan’ and is quite eye-catching. It is sure to leave a pleasant after taste to your ears, urging you to want more of it. You can check out the song below. This day is also the day of Operation Swift Retort. Apart from the pilot capture, they even downed two Indian planes.

Have a look!

Celebrating With Zeal And Enthusiasm:

Of course, we must always remember what it is that we are fighting for. The fighting does not always refer to physical conflict but wars within us too. We remember that the Indian Pilot was treated with the utmost respect. He was even given a ‘Fantastic’ cup of tea alongside good treatment. This is all part of treating prisoners of war with fairness.

Let us bask in the moment of a victory for our country. Earlier, even our Prime Minister congratulated the country on the two-year anniversary. It is definitely a moment of pride and deserves at least a minute of observance. After all, we may be working towards the same goal, despite living across borders.

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