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Image Source: Contagious Magazine

A lifetime supply of free Pizza, can you imagine it? Well, I can only think of heaven. And apparently, this Australian family has found their heaven on earth. How cute is it that the day they get blessed by a son, they are able to get pizza free for a lifetime? Domino’s Pizza made it happen for them. And the offer is valid for the next 60 years!

The story behind it all

So how it happened was that the fast-food chain had a competition to celebrate their 60th anniversary. In this promotion, Domino’s had pregnant couples as participants. So were they to give birth on the 60th anniversary and name their child Dominic or Dominique, they would be eligible for the prize. And so on December 9th, 2020, exactly six hours after the competition began, a Sydney based couple gave birth to a boy. They named him Dominic. Clemintine and Anthony welcomed their first child early morning on that day.

Let’s pay a little bit more attention to the prize now, shall we?

The details are that the couple will be able to order $14 worth of pizza every month. In the next sixty years, the price of all the pizzas ordered will amount to $10,080.

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s Pizza said in their Instagram post:

“Weighing in at 3.907kg, or approximately 23 garlic breads, he is the first baby for the couple and clearly a born winner. Not only was he always destined to be named Dominic (the top choice on mum and dad’s baby name list), but he ensured his debut early on Wednesday morning made his family the front runners for Domino’s 60th Birthday Giveaway – despite mum going into labour three days earlier!”

Talk about destiny.

Apparently, the Lot Family had taken the competition’s announcement as a joke because little Dominic was going to arrive on Tuesday and not Wednesday.

Was Dominic always supposed to be Dominic?

The parents claim that they were already going to name their little one Dominic, so this win comes as a coincidence. In fact, they had decided to name him that days before they came across the advertisement. Clemintine Oldfield further added that this was her favorite name, and they had chosen it when they found the baby’s gender.

The competition was going to stay open till January 2021, and until then, the couples all over Australia would have to send their eligibility applications through email confirming themselves as candidates.

Well, little Dominic, Clemintine, and Anthony have emerged lucky winners. Although one is bound to think a little about thirty years into the future and what would the thirty-year-old Dominic will get in $14.

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